The Schweiger-Larkey Group :: sloci standard report
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The Schweiger-Larkey Group :: sloci standard report

The SLOCI© standard report identifies:

Theorganizational culture of any work unit or an overall organization for each of the 15 SLOCI© dimensions and for all the dimensions combined
  The strength of the organizational culture for each of the dimensions  
  An overall assessment of the organization's culture and detailed data on the perceptions of those within  

How Can the SLOCI© Standard Report be Used?

  Align Culture with Organizational Strategies  
    Provide a basis of comparison between the existing and desired culture needed to successfully implement a firms strategy  
  Assess Culture Change Efforts  
    Measure culture before and after change effort  
    Determine whether the new culture is perceived by people in the organization  
    Determine whether the strength of the culture has changed  
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