The Schweiger-Larkey Group - FAQ
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The Schweiger-Larkey Group - FAQ
1. I've seen a lot of organizational culture assessments. How is The SLOCI© different from the others?

The SLOCI© assesses similarities and differences, as well as strength of an organization's culture based on 15 behavioral dimensions. The SLOCI© standard report provides a detailed overall assessment of an organization's culture and perceptions of those within. The SLOCI© difference report can assess and compare two cultures based on these parameters, and identify potential conflicts and/or synergies in a merger and acquisition, or joint venture integration.  


Many other organizational culture assessments may be incapable of assessing behaviors and only concentrate on an organization's values, or esoteric elements that do not have a direct link to a firm's performance.  


The SLOCI© has been developed through 20 years of proven academic research and is a dynamic, psychometrically valid tool. Many other organizational culture assessments have been assembled without statistical validity measures in place and are not backed scientific studies.  
  2. Does The SLOCI© only assess an organization's culture as a whole, or can it measure the culture of subunits such as divisions, departments, etc. as well?
    The SLOCI© can measure an organization's culture from the corporate level on down to line employees. The SLOCI© can be used within an entire organization, or can be used within a select group of individuals at any level.  
  3. How do I know that The SLOCI© is statistically reliable and valid?
    The SLOCI© has 135 items that are used to construct the fifteen scales. The reliability coefficients (Cronbach's statistic and split-half reliability estimate) currently comprising the fifteen scales are in the high range (Range = .72 to .91). Test-retest analyses are ongoing and The Schweiger-Larkey Group's team of psychometricians continue to evaluate the instrument.  
    Face validity is the perceived accuracy of a test. The SLOCI© has demonstrated strong face validity over the twenty years of organizational research in business, educational, industrial and community settings. Criterion validity is based on how well a test, assessment, or inventory predicts a particular outcome (criterion). The SLOCI has demonstrated concurrent validity for outcome measures in published applied research studies.  
  4. How long does it take to generate SLOCI© reports?
    The SLOCI© is administered solely through The Schweiger-Larkey Group's web site. When all respondents in a sample have completed The SLOCI© questionnaire, a CSC has the capability to instantaneously generate any SLOCI© report. SLOCI© report's are processed in PDF format and are easy to download and print.  
  5. I want to use the SLOCI© in my organization. What do I need to do?
    The Schweiger-Larkey Group requires that anyone who wishes to administer The SLOCI© become a Certified SLOCI© Consultant (CSC). To administer The SLOCI© in your organization, you must either partner with a CSC or become certified yourself. To learn more about becoming a CSC, please visit the according link on the web site, or contact The Schweiger-Larkey Group corporate offices.  
  6. How much does the SLOCI© cost?
    Pricing for The SLOCI© varies based upon the size of an organization and the number and types of reports to be generated. To receive a price quote for your organization or a client organization, please contact The Schweiger-Larkey Group corporate offices.  
  7. I have another question about the SLOCI© that hasn't been answered here. Who do I contact?
    The Schweiger-Larkey Group welcomes any questions from interested parties. If you wish to speak with a representative to learn more about the SLOCI©, please contact the Schweiger-Larkey Group's corporate offices at (713) 522-2690.  
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