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The Schweiger-Larkey Group requires that anyone who wishes to administer The SLOCI© become a Certified SLOCI© Consultant (CSC). The SLOCI© Certification & Organizational Culture Learning Program is a highly interactive learning seminar where you will:
  Develop a deep understanding of organizational culture  
  Learn the underlying statistical principles of the SLOCI©, how it was developed and why it works  
  Learn how to use the SLOCI© as a highly value-added, facilitative tool with organizations to develop and execute various types of organizational initiatives  
  Upon Completion of the SLOCI© Certification Program, you will become a Certified SLOCI© Consultant and will be able to administer the SLOCI© to your clients or within your own organization. You will also receive a wide array of CSC benefits and support from the Schweiger-Larkey Group.  
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