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The Schweiger-Larkey Group :: sloci consultant certification
8 hours of continuing education every three years is required to maintain Certified SLOCI© Consultant status and must be completed through a Schweiger-Larkey Group online seminar.
CSC's need to keep their own records of Schweiger-Larkey Group seminars completed. Please keep certificates received in case your name is pulled for an audit.
Contact information needs to be kept current. Please call 803-740-2331 or log onto the CSC Network to update your account.
CSC's who choose not to re-certify will not be able to continue administration of the SLOCI© and may not use any other products or materials associated with such.
All CSC's must sign a non-disclosure agreement which guarantees that they will not share Schweiger-Larkey Group intellectual property with others.
All grievances toward a SLOCI© Certified Consultant are to be submitted in writing to the Schweiger-Larkey Group for review. The grievance will be reviewed and the CSC in question will be contacted. Should it be determined that unethical use has occurred regarding the SLOCI©, CSC status will be immediately revoked.
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