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The Schweiger-Larkey Group :: sloci consultant certification

The Schweiger-Larkey Group provides CSC's with:

  Full usage capability of the SLOCI©. Only Certified SLOCI Consultants are given access to use the SLOCI©. We also handle the setup and provide administration tools to make surveying your organization, or your clients' organizations as seamless as possible.  
Access to the Schweiger-Larkey Group support network - we will provide you with a predetermined number of hours per month of coaching and support from our staff on using the SLOCI© with your clients or within your own organization.
  A monthly update that consists of case studies, white papers and best practices advice for using the SLOCI©.  
  On-demand access to clients' SLOCI© responses and reports housed in a secure database to ensure that your client's data is never compromised.  
  High visibility to potential clients through a link on our web site. Since the Schweiger-Larkey Group is not a consultancy, we refer most of our requests for consulting on organizational culture related initiatives to CSC's.  
  Logistical and web site technical support during normal business hours.  
  SLOCI© Certification Program development manual, as well as supporting materials for use within a client organization, or your own organization.  
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