The Schweiger-Larkey Group :: sloci 15 dimensions
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The Schweiger-Larkey Group :: sloci 15 dimensions
The SLOCI© measures the following 15 behavioral dimensions of organizational culture derived from 20 years of extensive research and practical experience
  1. Centralized Decision Making versus Decentralized Decision Making  
  2. Deliberate Decision Making versus Fast Decision Making  
  3. Short-Term Focus versus Long-Term Focus  
  4. Individual Orientation versus Team Orientation  
  5. Conflict Avoidance versus Conflict Confrontation  
  6. Low-Risk Tolerance versus High-Risk Tolerance  
  7. Results Orientation versus Process Orientation  
  8. Individual Accountability versus Shared Accountability  
  9. Hierarchical versus Horizontal  
  10. Political versus Trusting  
  11. Bureaucratic versus Entrepreneurial  
  12. Cautious Communications versus Open Communication  
  13. Deliberate Communications versus Fast Communications  
  14. Indirect Communications versus Direct Communications  
  15. Stability Orientation versus Change Orientation  
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