The Schweiger-Larkey Group :: April 2006 Newsletter
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The Schweiger-Larkey Group :: April 2006 Newsletter
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At the Schweiger-Larkey Group, we are committed to the advancement of organizational culture research and assessment. We strive to play an active role in providing our clients with the related organizational culture tools, knowledge and understanding they need to enhance their client services portfolio. We encourage you to share with us your personal SLOCI success stories that would provide insight and knowledge to the members of our community, and further advance the collective understanding of organizational culture.

As the Schweiger-Larkey Group grows, it is my personal wish that we can develop a community based upon a mutual pooling of knowledge and thought that grows as well. For all of us at the Schweiger-Larkey Group, we appreciate your interest and look forward to our continuing relationships with all of you.


SLG News & Notes    

The Schweiger-Larkey Group is proud to announce that after 20 years of use in published scientific research and proprietary consulting, Dr. David M. Schweiger, Professor of Management at the University of South Carolina and Managing Director of Schweiger, Lippert and Associates and Dr. Frank Larkey, a research psychologist and former vice president of research and development for Birkman International have decided to make the SLOCI available to both consultants and organizational practitioners.

The Schweiger-Larkey Group is proud to announce the develop of a joint organizational culture/personality fit assessment tool with Birkman International, the recognized leader in the field of assessing human potential, enhancing personal performance and increasing corporate productivity. Research and development is currently underway and the tool is scheduled for completion in late summer 2008.


Conferences & Forums    
SLG Presents to Leading HR Forum    

Dr. David M. Schweiger and Mr. Andrew L. Schweiger have been invited to speak at the Riegal-Emory Human Resources conference on April 29th, 2006 in Charleston, South Carolina. Made up of twenty senior HR executives from organizations such as GE, -----, the Regal-Emory HR Conference is one of the leading forums in the southeast.

Dr. Schweiger and Mr. Schweiger will speak about understanding organizational culture and the importance of its role in strategic alignment. They will also speak about assessing organizational culture using the SLOCI.

SLG to Co-Host Webcast with Birkman International


The Schweiger-Larkey Group will be hosting an informational webcast series at Birkman International in Houston Texas. The sessions will concentrate on educating Birkman Certified Consultants, SLOCI Certified Consultants and all other interested parties on the forthcoming joint assessment tool currently being developed by The Schweiger-Larkey Group and Birkman International.


Upcoming CSC Certifications


For more information on upcoming CSC certification seminars, please contact The Schweiger-Larkey Group corporate offices at (713) 522-2690.

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